"Powerful, but safe program to clean registry, junk files, history lists, and also owns a number of additional features."

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What New in version 5.5.1?

The program changed the site to www.vitsoft.net (for the convenience of users). Also changed the name of the program to JCleaner.

Minor improvements and bugfixes.

What New in version 5.5?

Added MS Edge and new places to search for temporary files.

Added the ability to resize the window with the settings.

Fixed bug when working on a schedule mode (the window with the result could not be displayed).

Fixed bugs with saving some settings and made some improvements.

What New in version 5.4?

A many important improvements in the search for errors on the system registry (Recommended update).

Added new settings.

Improvements and fix errors.

What New in version 5.3.2?

Fixed displaying the default language "English [Default]" in the translation selection list.

What New in version 5.3.1?

Fix errors (in 1-click mode, program start with parameters, search by schedule and check for updates)

What New in version 5.3?

Update digital signature.

Added the ability to run the program with parameters (the list of commands is presented in the 'ReadMe' file).

Minor improvements.

What New in version 5.2?

Important improvements in the search for errors in the registry.

Added the ability to run the program on a schedule. This function works through Schedule.exe, which comes with the program. In the new versions of the program, may be was added the implementation of this functionality through the "Task Scheduler" of Windows (to choose from).

Added French language (Author: Laurent).

General improvements and bugfixes.

What New in version 5.1.4?

Fixed minor errors in registry cleaner and some others

Updated German language (Author: Andreas Foerster)

What New in version 5.1.3?

Added option to exception the paths to save the log files in Deep Scan (On\Off in settings. Enabled by default)

Some improve and fixed the errors in search of errors in system registry

Fixed the errors associated with the disappearance the search result list in the registry in the unregistered version of the program

What New in version 5.1.2?


What New in version 5.1.1?

Important fixes in search of errors in the system registry (especially useful for users outdated OS Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7)

What New in version 5.1?

Added activations center.

Added Ability add user extension in disk cleaner.

Added the ability to customize the appearance of the program (in future versions of the settings will be more).

Improved search for registry errors

Fixed a number of common errors in the program.

Added Chinese language (Author: Th_sjy).

Updated German language (Author: Andreas Foerster).